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Photos by Zio Sid and Sergio Cippo

The Rock and Roll Arena is truly a beautiful stage, it is worthy for good quality live music. Everyone is very happy to participate in this event named "The Folk Rock Summit" which counts on the participation of excellent groups such as Kalevala, Evenoire and Ephyra. Thanks to the professionalism of the technical staff the sound check is carried out quickly and easily and the sound is a good one. Even the reception is excellent, in the backstage before the show all groups gather around a table full of food and during dinner there is a playful atmosphere of sharing and exchange between all the bands. The show begins, and since MaterDea is headliner when it comes their turn the audience is already warmed up by the excellent music and energy offered by the previous bands. MaterDea gets on stage full of energy and their performance begins: really a beautiful night, memorable for so many reasons!



Photos by Zio Sid

It is well known Sardinia is a magical land of scents. After a playful night on board the Janas Tirrenia, our 6 officers disembarked in Olbia and after a generous breakfast arrived to the location of the show, in Mores, near Sassari. The promoter of the festival, Alps Beltain, offered a marvellous hospitality to MaterDea’s crew : a sumptuous lunch in a typical farm-holidays restaurant where they tasted delicious typical wine and food. Then during the sound check, with the company of the Bikers Shardanas, MaterDea tasted the mythical prickly pears. The evening show is worthy of memory, we hope to go back there soon! Thanks Sardinia!


Photos by Zio Sid

MaterDea’s crew is very excited for this date supporting Folkstone in their last show of the summer tour 2014. Despite some problems after the sound check (our guitarist Marco scraped his back against the corner of one of the windows of the dressing rooms), the show is going on very smoothly and our six officers offer to the large audience one hour of good Metal. Thanks to everyone, especially to Elia Faustini for inviting us!



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