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Photos by Zio Sid

"Nemo propheta in patria" suggests an ancient proverb ... and in fact up to now this one has been the only opportunity over the years for our guitarist Marco to perform in front of his neighbors. Because of the bad weather this night has been a real odyssey for the band because until the beginning of the show they didn’t know for sure if they were going to play or not. In the early morning the signs were not the best and then during the afternoon Castelnuovo's main square was already a pool. Despite the small audience standing in front of the stage protected by umbrellas and galoshes, MaterDea has offered them a great show meeting their expectations..



Photos by Roberto Rinaldi and Zio Sid

The Triskell Festival was one of the first big festival where MaterDea had has the opportunity to participate, still in a first version of their ensemble and the band was really happy to be back there. The arrival is a little late but the great expertise of the sound engineers makes everything fully functional in less than an hour. The Triskell is a beautiful Celtic festival, well conceived and well organized and after being fed with tasty Celtic food the band is ready to tread the fantastic stage. The platea is really crowded and after a very evocative intro the musicians launch themselves into a show in crecendo that galvanizes the crowd while the energy flows and grows on the powerful sound waves of their songs, someone from under the stage sings the most famous choruses .. Excellent performance crowned at the end by the late arrival of a group of fans who join them after a long trip for even a hug, a chat and a icy beer. A very big thanks to Betty and Walter for inviting us!


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